Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tickers to Watch

GS: get it up to 135-137, looks like a nice short. (July puts are my favorite)

WFMI: this stock is SO overvalued, it's funny. But that does NOT mean it's a short right now. (b/c its not) Obviously some other people "think" it's overvalued as well, b/c it has 19% short. (and they all have been losing money!). I don't know if this is hedge fund short, who will just wait longer till it falls, OR more "eager-beavers" who are too just early to the dance here. But either way, the high short float is only currently ADDING to it's rally as far as I see. The set up on this, is "IF" has a huge up day on high volume (ie a squeeze). It is way too crowded on the short side right now, and that's obviously NOT been the place to be either. If if gets a huge squeeze, then it's a short AFTER that get's out of it's system. Earnings are on May 13th, so i think there's a shot it could report "so-so" numbers, but yet the stock goes BONKERS, from nervous shorts covering....if that happens, the next day it's a swing short entry at it's finest.

GME: I think it's going to 26 within 1-2 weeks (but id like to see it get a little tiny pop here first, to "call" it)

SLW: It's about to do "something"..............I will be watching the RSI wedge, and wait for it to run out of room and tip it's hand first.
these are my thoughts from 4 that have been on my watchlist for over a year


  1. Erik -- Thanks for your graphs. Please keep us posted on slw. I purchased at $8.02.


    theres SLW now

    i mean it looks good, but this one doesn't sell me as much looking at it's breakout now...the volume was "ok"...but would like it to be higher, your up, so ur not going to lose money on it (if stops at entry, etc)

    but i was not that impressed w/ this one today

    i woulda like the same set up break to the downside more on this one...

    dont give up any gains....glta!