Sunday, May 17, 2009

AEM - Agnico Eagle Mines

Charts on AEM - Agnico Eagle Mines, which I mentioned on Tue.
Target 1: 200MA = 47.00
Target 2: (start of channell) = 44.00


  1. Erik, you know nothing

  2. Anon,

    You could be right

    My prior blog entries/calls have seemed to know "something" the last few weeks (lvs,tm,cyn,lcc,gme,feed,uso,4 straight hedge winners, etc....)

    I will let them do the talking. ;o)

  3. Eric, Keep up the great work. Your calls are great, keep em coming!

  4. Erik, you have been spot on, keep it coming and I agree with your calls and I own the AEM puts!

    I like to pick up few more, do you think that would be wise to add to my position as my average is $2.30??

    Thanks in advance!!!

  5. I would really prefer not to give advice on how to manage plays. I just bring up ideas, almost all of which I do trade myself.

    There are always going to be more trades, if your probability is winners/losers let's say 65/35...the most beneficial stradegy is to make more trades, not necessary put the farm on a select few of them.

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