Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Goldman Sachs + (Public Stockcharts)

I mentioned once the stress tests results are OVER with AND GS is > 135, it's a short.

Yup, I do think that.

But instead of shorting bombs away at 139, I would prefer to short at 135 and feel very confident.

If you look at the longer term charts, yes there is that long term resistance line. But what if it stalls there. That can mean:

a) it's about to fall back into that the bottom support of the channel it is in, making a nice short trade, with a 100-110 target.


b) it's forming a bull flag here, and basing and will soon after consolidating break out of the entire main resistance.


That line is speculative, yes it's there. But I would rather short it at a "not as perfect entry" and have t/a conformation, than just pull the trigger here.

I mean consecutive white candles are NOT a reversal signals, well 3 white candles can be considered a bullish reversal from a bearish trend. (not anything here yet)

If I was FORCED to take gs long or short right now for the next week, I would not even have to think about...gimme the short side. However thankfully I am not "forced" to.

So i would love to see a dogi tomorrow, and get some neg divergence going maybe even land right on top of that rsi support on the 30 min chart, THEN...when if/when it cracks...mash the gas on it.

I think there is tremendous downside potential on goldman, and earnings and stress test are now out of the way. I have a good feeling that there will be lots of "back" analysis of the stress tests, and alot of 2nd guessing, and "worry". That's just my hunch though. I am not trading on a hunch, nor should anyone.

My gut says short.
My chart says wait for conformation.

I wait till they both agree.
IN regards to Public Stockchart's, see last thread and leave me your thoughts/input.


  1. Eric, is gs ready for short now? Do you have an entry yet?
    tia. Once again, thank you for TM

  2. not.....yet....

    i still dont like gs short just yet