Sunday, May 3, 2009

Is FEED consolidating for another Breakout?

I dont know! (no clue.....)

but it looks like one to watch


  1. looks like it...... and so does the spx and everything else..... the never ending rally just goes on and on......

    sending your invitation tonight.... get marky and inlet to send me their emails and I'll comp everyone..... see ya E......

  2. Erik, take a look at ANR and see if you want to enter it to be on one of your watch list.

  3. they report Wed morning BEFORE the open, i didn't see them.

    YES, the look like a laggard play off JRCC's momemtum here.

    I like it long going "into" the earnings, but not during to be safe.

    For Monday and Tue, i bet it very well. Perhaps just like JRCC even after as well. But it went up half of what jrcc did just of being "related" to since jrcc already set the bar up there, again i like it mon + tue (the run in TO earnings).....

    good find.

    is that basically what you see? a sector laggard to jrcc, pre-earnings trade?

  4. Erik, ANR took a big jump last Friday, but it is still considerably cheap to my opinion. There shall be a few bulks to run up towards its earning. Check out BX. Over 21% of short interest and has been moving up steadily last week.

  5. Erik, great call on airlines from our part. I am holding on to my airline stock and expect them to go higher. Besides the airline stocks. Take a look at shipping stocks such as drys and egle.

  6. Good call on airlines. Here is the ag coverage from the weather front. It's all about corn apparently (followed by soy and wheat):