Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hedge Play of the Week, May 4-8 (Airlines, REITS) *update*

I try to post these on THURS evening, with the intent to share an idea, that can be FRONT-RAN and entered on Friday, if chosen to.

LCC went up 5.8% on Friday
SPG went down 8.02% on Friday

that's enough to where some traders might ring the register and call it a week, off of one day.
I rang the register 50% on each, from that 1 day move, myself.

After looking at all my charts, I still do think It's the best idea I see for the week, but if one is not in either position....don't CHASE any trade. A good gap up on spg, would be nice to get a 2nd entry, a good gap down on LCC the same.

2 other set-ups are:
If GME gets OVER 30, i like it short
If GS gets to 135 or more, i like it short (AFTER the stress tests results only)


  1. i like that too, but I like gs better,

    but i dont really want to touch these untill AFTER the stress im hoping that "as everyone assumes" gs is the "darling" of them w/ an A+ and get's another pop first, via "whew, relief..those things are over with!"

    then everyone starts analyzing and looking back and really thinking about things....i suspect IF they "do well", there will then AFTER be alot of dirt brought out the closet.