Wednesday, July 22, 2009


No clue short term.

Didn't obviously see any kind of SBUX blast-off coming at all. (oh Kudlow is talking about it now.....geez)
That just re-enforces to me to not "break" any rules, no matter what I "think", that's what they are rules of those being "gaming earnings".

There are just too many signals that "feel" like they are about to pull the rug from underneath the market here. Guessing when that happens...who knows, I surely do not.

With the overall earnings trend thus far, it would "almost" seem that a smart trade-plan would be the same one that I kept running into the ground last qtr. (go long the most heavily shorted name 3 days before the ER, then sell it 1 hr before the ER, keep doing that 1-3 stocks a week over and over).
But I feel that its also trap, even going long with those set defined conditions.

When in doubt, stay out.....I myself will be taking a break for a week or 2 and watching the tape move several times before trying to read/trade it.

If the market gaps up or flat tommorow morning....I "think" DUG looks like good 2 day swing buy, very good relative strength today. (then again, im just watching....for now)
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