Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dennis Kneale

Please shut up Mr Dennis Kneale pull up a chart and tell me since oct 2007....WHEN we have gone from an anemic volume week to a normal volume week and NOT sold off? (look hard, there is actually 1 exception)

We already KNOW that volume is going to pick up next week in comparison to this week.
You wave the pom pom's, Illl play the most probable odds.

(Yea, the guy does guy under my skin LOL. Somewhere, someplace out there....there is a little old lady who sold everything at the lows in March 2009, out of panic when Cramer was screaming and crying and now she's about to buy back (close to an intermediate high, imo) in after being inspired from "hope" and a false golden cross signal from a guy that does not even know what the VIX is?)

When friggin Dennis Kneale starts talking about the "golden cross"...LOL.....the market is about to pull BACK. That's my 2 cents.

I will take Karl Denninger's side of the viewpoint. (very good read)

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