Monday, April 20, 2009

$BKX headed to 26 --- (& the govt relief index)

for starters....imo

When the rsi breaks 50, it's likely going to be ugly, and get the 26 target.

For those not familiar w/ the index, the NASDAQ actually created an index (back in JAN!) compiling all the major "govt relief stocks" (thanks for the heads up jpmoy)

...stockcharts doesn't have it, to chart however as far as I am aware.

It's all up to "Timmy" tomorrow..... :o)


  1. what do you mean it's all up to tiny tim..... and don't you think there will be a roll back to test the broken lower trend line at 840ish...

  2. geithner speaks tommorw at 10am est in regards to of course the financials.

  3. 26? fo sho. I am hoping for a Timmy bounce so I can re-short.


    If we retrace 50% to 85-85.5, I'll be pleased.