Friday, March 20, 2009

Weekly Recap (16--20 March)

Index Recap:

SPX: +1.58%
NASDAQ: +1.80%
INDU: +0.75%
Russell: +1.79%
VIX: +8.33%

Week's Picks

GS Short: (-1.54%)
MA Short: (-1.76%)
SOHU Short (-18.75%)

However my "intraday" reversal opinion on focm being a sell the news knee jerk reaction was totally WRONG. Yet another reminder to myself...that the charts are far easier to interpret for me than my forecasted news "prediction" of a reaction for a single day.

I'll try to stay to my #1 strength, which is charting and looking for short term trades. (ie 3-15 days kinda length).

I'll post my outlook/opinions/picks for the week ahead, after i do my complete anaylsis.

have a good weekend.


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