Friday, March 20, 2009

Plays of the Week, Mar 23-27 (LCC, GOOG, WFMI)

GOOG - short, target 295
-goog has always had a very accurate and smooth 4,12,3 macd cross signal.
love the daily rsi too.

WFMI - short, target 14.25
-looks very low risk to me at this level imo, wait for either of the T/A signals to enter. (oh and Cramer just pumped it on Thurs as a buy too! hint hint)

LCC - long, target 3.10 (if if if it rallies and breaks 3.14, i think its get's 3.70), but 3.10 was the last up weeks top, so that's first.
-higher risk, but i think the short sellers are not too focused on this sector here, and there is LOTS of accumulation in this sector, i also "think" oil
pulls back here next week, i like the airlines LONG this week, chart looks sloppy and
corrective, but its right at the part of the trend t/a says buy.

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