Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Buy Signal for Ag's????

Commodities themselves. (not ag stocks like mos,pot etc)

even though one of my primary wave 2 "spec" play ideas went friggin bazerk today (i missed it), ticker FEED

Here is the AG weekly and Daily charts. ($GKX / DBA)

--noticed this a FEW trading days ago, something to watch, if it pulls back and retests the wedge/trend breakout line as support.

***Long DBA, Short GLD...hedge combo Swing trade?? Hmmmmmmm***


  1. Jimmy Rogers was pumping "agriculture" big time on Bloomberg Asia last night ...

  2. He has been for about a year now. lol

    Eventually he's gonna be right. He admits, he never times things perfect though......

  3. Grains of Inflation


  4. SEED and FEED look especially nice.

  5. i caught feed today, for a nice move today.
    ....stocks that move that much in 1 day, are usually good for 2 in a row, ive found.

    if they dont sprikle 10,000 mustard seeds, i think tommorow has MONSTER reversal potential. I plan to short the focm pretty hard.