Monday, March 23, 2009

Is the BEAR in Hibernation Yet? All Clear Signal?

No, imo

But much More importantly: How to tell when it IS (on the VIX chart)

a) Wait till the vix breaks its rsi support (1st sign more than likely)

b) Wait till the vix breaks out and down out of its's price wedge its consolidating in (most definitive sign)
- maybe it breaks to to UPSIDE of it?...respect the wedge and play the breakout.
**This is a WEEKLY chart, so its not meant to give added probability to DAILY moves, this is more week to week (intermediate trend)**

My Weekly Calls went Flat for today.....thank goodness for that LCC long call, (offset the losses of wfmi/goog short BOTH combined) . The GLD/DBA hedge swing inflation trade, continues strong...with lots of legs left imo.


  1. holy $HT I'm screwed. I went short Good and am down big.. I'm down.. 6k on faz wtf? Ami gonna die lol?

  2. Eventually you will die Joey Dizzle.

    Question is when? LOL.

    FAZ? that's a daytrading etf, only.

  3. Did you mean goog or good?

    I lost money on goog today too, but made 2X it back on LCC, so all is "safe". Why ya hedge when unsure or overall market direction. If i STRONGLY thought the market would go ONE way this week, i wouldn't call a long and short.

  4. Dang should i cover Goog now.. Down big and shiould i sell faz.. im dyin here wtf? I feel like muathe when high.. I need to make some money fast ahhhh :-(

  5. I dont give advice on trading. Opinions are for entertaiment purposes only.

    All trades come w/ tight stops.
    Take the emotion out.

    Cut your losers off fast, ride your winners as long as ya can.

  6. so did u cover ur shorts?

  7. Erik,

    what do you think of my cart

  8. Joey, no i didn't sell any of my options. (short or longs)

  9. Anon,

    wow, thats pretty interesting.

    shall see....if history repeats.