Saturday, September 5, 2009

The bearish "speculative" head n shoulders play-out for 2009-10

...continuation from last post. Cleaner chart.

- Fall from here to 880-920est over Sept to early Oct establishing the neckline on right, as the volume returns to the market and the manipulation takes a vacation (1 of p3)

- bounce to 960est, kick-started first by the "positive gdp of the 3rd qtr, announced in late Oct" and then lastly maintained by the seasonal anemic Dec holiday volume, establishing the complete right shoulder (2 of p3)

- the crash......starting in Jan 2010, and the "hype of the 3rd qtr recovery is now past tense, as well as the holiday anemic volume, collapsing through the main right shoulder
(3 of P3)

Disclosure: QQQQ sept 39 puts @ 0.31
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