Monday, September 14, 2009

And the bulls go marching on.....+ (GOOG update)

Trying to time this market on a short term swing (overnight) basis is beyond my imagination.
- all you intra-day scalpers, and news based 20 min duration traders, ya should continue to crush it.
That's the only way here to rock it consistantly, cash in and OUT before the end of the day. (or at least that is what I observe from reading numerous traders and observing the trend that ONLY that group is in the high percentage zone)
Hopefully my PCU oct puts (which I do still like alot) will make up for the qqqq sept's (which have rapidly evaporated into thin air)
- the fact that Copper is failing to make new highs while the market did, and the USD made new
lows, is to me a sign that copper is trading very heavily)
Here is an update on GOOG as posted before, still "waiting" signal.
- which will most likely be the next trade I do make, when it finally comes.
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