Saturday, August 8, 2009

Taking time off....

I will be posting here much much less frequently over the next couple months, (likely till Jan 2010) when I do they will be simply observations. (just something to spark thoughts or outside the box ideas that others are not mentioning etc)

For anything beyond intraday/daytrading, to me market is too difficult to trade on swing basis.

Most importantly, I am in the final leg home of my training and all my focus will be on just that. Over the next 4 months I will be: completing my Masters, taking my PANCE (Physician Assistant certification board), visiting family in NC, traveling to Texas for 2 month long Army Medical Officer Course, visiting family in NC, then moving to South Korea for a 12 month tour. (hence pretty busy w/ priorities, ie no time to trade).

Great thing about Korea, is that I will be able to day trade intraday, especially the opening gaps in the evenings (due to time zone difference).

I will continue part time to watch the tape, scan the blogs and keep my charts updated as much as possible to not loose complete touch w/ the changings of sentiment, etc. The market will still be here when I get settled in to Korea.

IMO, the market will be in grind mode for a while here. I don't see any more short term rocket blasts to the upside OR the downside coming up very soon here. But who knows......
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