Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Which one's gonna give?

Sometimes it can help to look at them all at the same time.

Looking at the candle's only, it appears to me, that no one has proven themselves "yet" as far as an intermediate term breakout trend.

Sometimes it may be helpful to put away the oscillator's (for a minute) and also appreciate the pure candle patterns alone. At times I know I can get over big-eyed on "excessive negative/positive divergence".
It definatly can't be ignored, but it also can't take precedence over price itself either..

So for the candlestick repeating pattern purists, (and for kicks....) we can see for tomorrow if there is a:
-small down tight consolidation day for the SPX
-large down move for gold
-gap down, mild down day, with a high wave on the VIX
-mild up day with wide candle expansion for the $USD

Disclosure: Long DZZ @ 20.15
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