Monday, August 24, 2009

Just a few charts to watch short term

The charts on these look to offer some clean set ups, or are positioning themselves to be setting up for for that possibility.

XOM: looks like a nice short w/ a predefined stop right here, OR a waiting to trigger breakout long (preferance, short)

ETFC: looks to be consolidating to tip its hand very soon whether its a breakout long or short
(preferance, long...only IF it triggers first)

FEED: IF it is digests its gains from pulls backs a lil...and THEN breaks >50RSI, its looks like a conditional long trigger.

DZZ: the rsi already looks good here, but the PRICE has yet to still breakout. Could be very soon, or a failed attempt here.
(I am long @ 20.15)

EEM: neg divergence on a double top, looks like a nice short w/ a defined stop, OR a waiting to trigger breakout long.
(preferance, short)
Disclosure: I only own DZZ, and my stops are at entry. I am not trading these short term, nor do I intend to either. However if i had the ample free time to trade short term, these would be some that I would be watching. Just happened to notice these from my watchlist, as some of the "cleaner appearing" setups fwiw.
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