Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Follow the Leader, wait who is the leader?

............your guess is as good as mine which that is......

sometimes I do have a pretty good track on who is running in front.

So the dow continues to have the lead torch, till it doesn't. However, the amount of time between tops and the expanding differance in the tops has grown fairly larger (ie look at the RUT!). So if i was to lean bullish, i would lean more on the RUT if i did. The divergance is pretty large now, and its chart pattern is actually set up much better than lets say the TRAN (which is in pure wait and see mode for breakout or triple top)
...but that's IF i was trading it long, which im not.

but here now, it looks dark as mud
market just looks undecisive here.....short term.

I still favor the bulls until the 2009 clock is ticking, per my below posts rationale...
.....not trading w/ em though....

random: Windows 7 is a step up and them some from the that vista

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