Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why I am a short term BULL on the REITS.



(lots of charts I know, I could of posted many more sectors, but I didn't want to overload it X10)

For window dressing only, as an entire sector (now.....till next Friday)
Of all the sectors that have OUT-performed the broad market (ie: spy) this qtr, it to me it has the best set up here, to be most likely to get another (perhaps the last) PUMP.

IYR: Target 35 (200ma)
(short srs for disclosure of course)

Remember, window dressing is not always bullish across the "entire board", although it may be.

(my elaboration/explanation, fwiw............)
It is simply: adding to the winners & removing away the losers before the final buzzer.
However, I do lean bullish for the broad market till the end of this month (to June 26 to be safe)
-FOMC next week: I expect them to re-assure that rates will stay at ZERO for a while.
(market should like that)
-Window dressing is typically more bullish than bearish (even though there is more to it than
just that)

On the individual side of the house, I prefer to sit back and watch and wait, and perhaps let it run till the end of the qtr, then play the inverse side of this trend.

Bottom line: I am looking for the trends that have OUT-performed spy since 1 April to get a nice push higher through end of next week. There are 4 trades to it, don't feel like going over it all again, its in the old post above.

IYR is going to re-visit the 200ma, and SRS will form a triple bottom around 16.80.
That is how it's going to go down for the Window Cleaning by the end of next week.
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